Page Layout I

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Students will use page layout (desktop publishing) applications to design and produce pages and documents to given specifications. Skill development will include importing and placing text and graphic files, the application of style sheets, templates, snippets, libraries, and color specifications. The application of design and typographic principles, industry terminology, measurement systems, font management, and file management are also covered.

  • Develop reading, writing, analytical thinking, and problem solving related to desktop publishing.
  • Improve technical skills in using software applications to manipulate and efficiently utilize the elements of a document, including typography, design, graphics and layout.
  • Prepare for a job application and interview, including resume writing and portfolio building processes.

1.0 Job Specifications

          1.1 Measurement         

          1.2 Fonts   

2.0 Graphics

          2.1 Bitmapped vs. vector files and formats

          2.2 Element creation (rules, tints, etc.)

          2.3 Image manipulation

3.0 Electronic Page Layout

          3.1 File setup

          3.2 File naming and identification

          3.3 Document layout

              3.3.1 Pagination

              3.3.2 Master pages

              3.3.3 Templates

              3.3.4 Libraries

              3.3.5 Tables

          3.4 Placing text

               3.4.1 Text flow

               3.4.2 Style sheets

          3.5 Placing graphics

               3.5.1 Graphic manipulation

               3.5.2 Linking

          3.6 Integrating text and graphics

          3.7 Color: Color systems and techniques

          3.8 File saving

          3.9 Use of Help menu, on-line help, and documentation

4.0 Document Output

5.0 File Management

6.0 Design Fundamentals

          6.1 Design principles: balance, emphasis, rhythm, unity, figure/ground

          6.2 Design elements: line, shape, value, color, texture, type

          6.3 Formats and grids

Learning Outcomes: 


At the completion of this course, students will be able to:

Assessment Method

  1. Analyze project specifications and determine most appropriate page layout strategies for document construction.

Projects and performance tests

  1. Define application preferences and workspace arrangement to best fit document requirements and personal work style.

Projects and performance tests

  1. Design and produce well crafted and visually appealing layouts integrating typography and graphic effects.

Projects and performance tests

  1. Accurately use and apply correct technical vocabulary related to desktop publishing procedures and software applications.

Written and performance tests

  1. Identify the purpose of, and demonstrate proficiency with, the graphic and drawing tools in desktop publishing applications.

Written and performance tests

  1. Define document colors, styles, and master elements for efficient productivity in desktop publishing procedures.

Projects and performance tests

  1. Apply industry-standard procedures for document preparation for final print output requirements and archiving.

Projects and performance tests

  1. Describe primary skills learned in this course; select and archive projects which may be appropriate for inclusion in a portfolio.

Written and Performance tests


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Other required materials:

Adobe InDesign (most recent version) is required for this course.