Engineering Graphics

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The objective of this course is to introduce students to engineering graphics as a means of communication in the technical fields of architecture, engineering and construction (A/E/C). The course is laboratory oriented and provides the student with basic skills to create professional 2D drawings with this comprehensive first course in the use of AutoCAD software for mechanical, architectural and civil drawings. The course assumes no prior knowledge of engineering drawing or CAD.

  • Develop reading, writing and critical thinking skills related to engineering graphics 3.2 Understand proper computer usage and lab safety procedures
  • Learn file management techniques and understand various file formats for CAD programs.
  • Know how to set up CAD drawing parameters for different disciplines including mechanical, architecture and civil.
  • Develop basic CAD skills to create, modify and manipulate 2D technical drawings 3.6 Understand different procedures for printing and plotting CAD drawings
  • Develop basic skills in free hand lettering and technical sketching
  • Introduction to Computer Aided Drafting
  • Introduction to the AutoCAD interface
  • Navigating the AutoCAD environment
  • Understanding drawing in ‘real world’ scale and the Cartesian coordinate system 6.5 Basic 2D object construction tools
  • 2D geometric construction and editing tools 6.7 Object properties and organization
  • Basic dimensioning and notes
  • Templates, layouts and plotting
  • Freehand lettering and technical sketching12.0        Incorporating multimedia resources such as videos, sound, and scripts
  • Creating and processing forms using a CGI
Learning Outcomes: 

Outcome: At the completion of this course, students will be able to:

Assessment Method

  1. Understand the role of Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) in the engineering and construction fields

Exams, Homework

  1. Demonstrate proper file management strategies

Lab Exercises

  1. Create an AutoCAD template with appropriate settings for different engineering disciplines

Exams, Homework, Lab Exercises

  1. Create 2D graphics using standard AutoCAD drafting tools

Exams, Homework, Lab Exercises

  1. Input precise coordinates using the Cartesian coordinate system format

Exams, Homework, Lab Exercises

  1. Use properties and modify tools to manipulate 2D graphics

Exams, Homework, Lab Exercises

  1. Create sheet layouts and produce hard copy prints and plots

Exams, Homework, Lab Exercises

  1. Produce quality freehand lettering and basic technical sketches

Homework, Lab Exercises


Additional Notes/Details: 

AutoCAD software is required for this course.