Students that take dual credit courses:

  • Ease the transition from high school to college
  • Earn credits toward a college degree
  • Demonstrate their ability to do college-level work
  • Gain the confidence they need to succeed in college
  • Learn how to study for college courses and develop the skills needed to be successful in college such as:
    • Following a syllabus
    • Meeting course requirements
    • Organizing and managing time effectively
    • Using self-discipline
    • Improving and applying high-level thinking skills
    • Following college course policies and procedures

AP vs. Dual Credit

Dual credit courses are established by an agreement between the high school and the college. Enrollment in a dual credit course requires that the student satisfies both the college and high school eligibility requirements. The student receives an RIT grade report containing the final grade for the course and the college credit earned. In contrast, Advanced Placement (AP) is a national standardized program where students must only meet high school eligibility requirements to enroll in an AP course and take an optional exam to earn AP credit.