Professional Development for Teachers

All expenses (travel to NTID, food, hotel, entertainment, etc.) for professional development are covered by the grant.

Professional development for high school teachers participating in Project Fast Forward is offered at RIT/NTID each July. Teachers attend for 3-5 days, depending on how much they would need to learn to be able to teach the dual credit course at their high school that Fall. Before coming up,  teachers are sent a survey asking what topics they would need to learn to able to teach the dual credit course, and professional development  workshops are then developed specifically for each teacher. Course materials for each NTID dual credit course is also made available to the teachers so they can review the materials before and during the training. 

The summer professional development includes:

  • Technical training on course content and teaching methodologies so teachers are able to teach the dual credit courses at their own institutions
  • Training on STEM careers and opportunities for deaf/hh individuals in STEM
  • Additional training for hearing faculty teaching in mainstreamed classrooms to improve existing teaching practices so that deaf/hh students have better access to learning