Teaching Math to Deaf Students

Math equation

Best Practices at the Secondary Level

Math Word Problems

Word Problem Analysis Template - form developed by Dawn Kidd. Also available as a PDF.

Miscellaneous Resources

  1. VoiceThread: on online way for teachers and students to communicate via video or print. 
  2. Teaching Math: Best Practices at the Secondary Level. Presentation by Dawn Kidd.

ASL/Math Dictionaries

  1. Texas Math Sign Language Dictionary - Texas School for the Deaf
  2. Math Signs, by Chris Kurz on YouTube
    1. Numbering System
    2. Algebra
    3. Trigonometry

Print Math Dictionaries

Illustrated Maths Dictionary, by Judith de Klerk.

Math Concept Description in ASL

Preparation Videos by Chris Kurz. Topics: Prime Factorization, Area

Math Lessons in ASL

By Gary Blatto-Vallee, RIT/NTID

Mr. Behm's Math Videos