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Administrative Team - DeafTEC Central

DeafTEC: Technological Education Center
for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Students

NSF ATE National Center of Excellence
National Technical Institute for the Deaf
Rochester Institute of Technology
Rosica Hall, Suite 1100
52 Lomb Memorial Drive
Rochester, NY 14623
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Donna Lange, DeafTEC PI and Center Director
Associate Professor

Donna Lange has been teaching at NTID for over 30 years. She is an associate professor and former chair of the Applied Computer Technology Department, and has taught a variety of computer-related courses in the areas of both hardware and Web development. Donna was formerly the PI of the NSF ATE projects “Deaf Initiative in Information Technology” I & II, #0070982 & #0302790, offering professional development training for deaf adults, and Co-PI of the NSF ATE dual credit program "Project Fast Forward" #0903167. Donna holds a BS in Computer Science from SUNY Brockport and an MS degree in Software Development and Management from RIT.

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Myra Pelz. DeafTEC Co-PI
Associate Professor

Myra Pelz is an associate professor at NTID and has taught there for over 35 years. As a faculty member in the NTID Information and Computing Studies Department, she has taught and tutored courses in computer science and information technology to deaf students in both associate and BS-level programs. For her grant-related work, Myra is currently Co-PI for DeafTEC: Technological Education Center for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students, an NSF ATE National Center of Excellence, award numbers DUE-1104229 and DUE-1501756. She was also the PI for the NSF ATE Project Fast Forward, award number DUE-0903167, and Co-PI of the NSF ATE project Deaf Initiative in Information Technology, award number DUE-0302790. Myra holds a BA degree in English from Douglass College and an MS degree in Computer Science from RIT.

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Denise Kavin, DeafTEC Co-PI
Instructional Faculty

Denise Kavin has been an instructional faculty member with NTID’s Department of Liberal Studies for seven years. She has also held a variety of administrative positions at NTID: Special Assistant to the President of NTID for Strategic Decisions 2020; Associate Director for Postsecondary Education Programs Network-Northeast; Senior Project Associate, Postsecondary Education Network-International; and Employment Advisor, Center on Employment. Denise holds an Ed.D. in Leadership and Educational Policy Studies from Northern Illinois University, an M.S. in Education and Social Policy from Northwestern University, an M.S. in Secondary Eeducation of the Deaf, and a B.A. in Communication Arts and Psychology from Gallaudet University.



Maureen Gallaher, Senior Staff Assistant

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Evaluation Team

Margaret Weeks

Margaret "Peggie" Weeks has twice been a program officer at the National Science Foundation, helping to manage the Advanced Technological Education and other Division of Undergraduate Education programs. Peggie also serves as the external evaluator for the ATE BioBench project at St. Louis Community College and for the Technological Education Pathways Partnership project at Fulton-Montgomery Community College. She was on the faculty at Corning Community College for sixteen years, where she taught in the engineering science and mechanical technology programs. Prior to teaching, she was employed as a process engineer with Corning, Inc. Peggie has an MS degree in Ceramic Engineering from Alfred University, and a BS in Metallurgy and Materials Science from Carnegie-Mellon University.

Lamoka Educational Consulting
Fernandina Beach, FL

John Sener

John Sener is the founder/CKO of Sener Knowledge LLC, a consulting practice focused on supporting quality in technology-enabled education through knowledge development and dissemination, evaluation, strategic planning, and learning design. He has been the external evaluator for the NSF-funded CyberWatch regional ATE center since 2005 and has also evaluated a variety of other projects funded by NSF, FIPSE, various foundations, and other sources. As Director of Special Initiatives for the Sloan Consortium, he is also involved in a wide variety of Sloan-C activities. His career in education and training over the past 30 years is a unique mixture of broad practical experience and academic expertise. John holds an MS degree in Education from Johns Hopkins University and a BA in Psychology from Oberlin College.

Sener Knowledge LLC
Takoma Park, MD