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DeafTEC™ provides career and educational resources developed especially for your son or daughter with hearing loss. Studies have shown the functional effects of hearing loss, combined with the negative attitudes of some of the adults they encounter, can create a perception among deaf and hard-of-hearing young people that they have limited access to many occupations. The absence of deaf and hard-of-hearing professional role models in the workplace, and the lack of access to appropriate career awareness materials, are also likely to contribute to these perceptions.

DeafTEC has been designed to help deaf and hard-of-hearing young people participate in thoughtful career exploration and planning to avoid the cycle of unemployment and underemployment that has characterized the lives of many of their deaf and hard-of-hearing peers. Strong career decision-making skills are also likely to improve the very low national graduation rate of 17.5% for deaf and hard-of-hearing students completing a baccalaureate or an associate degree within six years.

As a parent of a deaf or hard-of-hearing child, you may be interested in the following DeafTEC resources:

STEM Careers

The information on STEM careers introduces deaf and hard-of-hearing students to a variety of STEM technician careers and employment opportunities. To help overcome the perceived career barriers that these students often express, the website also includes stories of successful deaf and hard-of-hearing technicians who have overcome the challenges they may have faced. These materials will also help students overcome the perceived career barriers associated with their hearing loss by identifying the potential difficulties their disability may cause in the workplace and the strategies to overcome those difficulties.

Workplace Accommodations

The DeafTEC website also contains materials aimed at educating students about accommodations in the workplace: the responsibilities that both employers have to provide appropriate accommodations, and ways for employees to request accommodations.

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