For Teachers

College professor demonstrating on whiteboard how the cerebral cortex looks

Best Practices for Teaching: ClassAct

ClassAct resources provide teachers with skills and strategies that will improve access for the deaf and hard-of-hearing students in their classrooms. The resources use a Universal Design approach that benefits not only deaf and hard-of-hearing students, but all students in the classroom.

English Resources

DeafTEC English resources will provide strategies and instructional materials for helping students develop their reading and writing skills.

Math Resources

The math resources will contain signed and captioned videos that willl allow deaf and hard-of-hearing students to practice math concepts that often pose stumbling blocks to their academic success.

STEM careers

DeafTEC will have a wealth of information on three STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) career areas that can lead to a success in a technical field. The site currently is focusing on careers in Information Technology. You will find information on types of careers, future prospects, and average salaries. Coming soon will be videos of successful deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals who have found success in those careers.

Project Fast Forward: NTID’s Dual Credit Program

High schools, both schools for the deaf and those with large mainstreamed programs, have been offering NTID courses for college credit through Project Fast Forward, our dual credit program, since 2007. The courses are taught by high school teachers in their own high schools with training provided by NTID. Learn about the program and the courses being offered, and consider offering an NTID dual credit course for deaf and hard-of-hearing students at your school.

STEM ASL Video Dictionary

DeafTEC will be creating a searchable text and video online database of STEM-related ASL signs to share with students, interpreters, and support personnel.