For Employers: Resources for Hiring and Inclusion

Hiring skilled deaf or hard-of-hearing individuals can give your business a competitive advantage by adding important diversity to your organization. And by NOT hiring a deaf or hard-of-hearing individual you may be missing out on the best-qualified and most committed individual you could find.

Individuals with a hearing loss can perform successfully on the job and should not be denied opportunities because of stereotypical assumptions about hearing loss. And please don’t assume that individuals with hearing loss will increase employment costs, cause safety hazards, or have difficulty communicating in fast-paced environments. In reality, with reasonable accommodation that can be neither onerous nor expensive, individuals with hearing loss can be productive, effective, and safe employees.

In these pages DeafTEC provides employers like you with resources you can use to attract, interview, hire and create an inclusive work environment for deaf and hard-of-hearing employees.

You might also be interested in taking our self-paced Working Together: Deaf & Hearing People online course available at

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