DeafTEC™ is excited to share our STEM awareness curriculum for all teachers addressing the following goals:

  • To date there exists no STEM based curriculum designed specifically for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students.  Our goal is to start the development of such specialized curricula.
  • Increase educators’ abilities to teach introductory STEM concepts specifically to Deaf and Hard of Hearing students.
  • Support the development of schools and out of school time programs in the U.S. that include STEM-related instruction to Deaf and Hard of Hearing students.
  • To give Deaf and Hard of Hearing students the tools they need to transition from high school to college and into a career in the STEM fields.

Best Practices for Teaching Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students for Pre-Service Teachers is currently in the works.

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This material is based on work supported by the National Science Foundation under Award Numbers 1104229, 1501756, and 1902474.