STEM Career Awareness Curriculum

DeafTEC™ is proud to share our STEM Awareness Curriculum guiding the teachers and students toward learning more about/pursuing STEM careers:

The Future Awaits: STEM and You
6th through 12th grade curriculum for Deaf and Hard of Hearing students

Overview/Introduction: What is this curriculum?

The Primary Goals of this STEM Curriculum
What you NEED to know before teaching these STEM Lessons
Common Core Connection
Suggested Rubric (grades 6 to 12)

Unit 1: STEM Basics

Lesson 1: What is STEM?
Lesson 2: Are sports part of STEM?
Lesson 3: Is ASL part of STEM?
Lesson 4: Is cooking part of STEM?
Lesson 5: STEM as part of our everyday lives

Additional Resources
Key Vocabulary

Unit 2: Exploring STEM Careers

Lesson 6: What is a Scientist?
Lesson 7: Deaf professionals in STEM careers
Lesson 8: Changing technologies
Lesson 9: Why Students should be interested in a STEM Career
Lesson 10: Cool STEM Careers
Lesson 11: Meet more Deaf professionals working in STEM careers
Lesson 12: Possible STEM Careers: Computers
Lesson 13: Exploring Current STEM Jobs
Lesson 14: Possible STEM Careers of the Future

Additional Resources
Key Vocabulary

Unit 3: Choosing a Major

Lesson 15: Introduction to STEM
Lesson 16: Meeting Deaf and Hard of Hearing College Students who are STEM Majors
Lesson 17: Exploring STEM College Majors
Lesson 18: Transition from High School to College
Lesson 19: Communication Access in College Classrooms
Lesson 20: Communication with Peers and Co-Workers
Lesson 21: A Typical Day in College
Lesson 22: The Importance of English Skills
Lesson 23: Interviewing Skills
Lesson 24: Family Backgrounds
Lesson 25: Life Goals
Lesson 26: Learning American Sign Language
Lesson 27:  Words of Advice
Lesson 28: STEM College Planning Resources

Additional Resources
Key Vocabulary

Unit 4: How are STEM concepts changing the world?

Lesson 29: Gamification
Lesson 30: Deaf CAN! How can YOU change the STEM field and educate hearing people on how Deaf people can be involved in STEM?

Additional Resources
Key Vocabulary

Videos: In Their Own Words: Deaf College Students in STEM programs