Engineering/Manufacturing Careers

To engineer literally means to make things happen. In today’s world, engineers are mainly concerned with maintaining and improving living standards and quality of life in a society. Almost every aspect in our lives is influenced by engineers—the water we drink; the buildings we live in, learn in and work in; the products created in factories; the computers we search the internet on; medical services and technologies we rely on; the appliances and vehicles that make our lives more efficient and comfortable.

Engineering is about the design and production of useful products and services. Engineering know-how converts scientific knowledge into technology and then technology into successful innovation. Many seemingly simple aspects of our daily lives have been thoroughly designed or controlled by engineers.

Why should you consider a job in engineering/manufacturing?

Here are just a few reasons to consider a career in engineering. Engineers:

  • are in demand
  • work on interesting projects
  • earn good money
  • get to do cool stuff
  • work everywhere
  • get to travel
  • have a good work/life balance

Is Engineering the right career for you?

Are you a future engineer?

Take a look at your skills. Do you have the traits of an engineer? We don’t mean just being good at math, science and technology. Many of the best engineers need strong communication skills to share technological concepts with non-engineers. If you are…

  • a creative, independent thinker
  • a team player
  • a natural problem solver
  • curious and persistent
  • passionate about making a difference in the world
  • eager to make a positive effect on everyday life

… you may be a future engineer!

High school students who are thinking about majoring in engineering should take as many math courses, including calculus and trigonometry, and science courses as possible. 

Meet Deaf STEM Professionals

Ryan Shields, CNC Operator, Tiffany & Co.
Ricky D. Sanders & Justin A. Davis, Corpus Christi Army Depot
Will Roach, 777 Build Engineer, Boeing

Types of Jobs

Aerospace Engineering and Operations Technicians

Aerospace Engineers

Biomedical Engineers

Civil Engineering Technicians

Civil Engineers


Electrical Engineering Technicians

Electrical Engineers

Environmental Engineer

Environmental Engineering Technician

Mechanical Engineering Technicians

Mechanical Engineers

Surveying and Mapping Technicians