Student Perspectives

Student Videos

This section presents videotape recordings of students discussing their experiences in accessing instruction from hearing faculty. 


Teaching tips
Working in groups


Deaf/hard-of-hearing students need to work harder to prepare for class and labs than hearing students.
A faculty member’s negative stereotype of a deaf student was proven wrong by the hard work of that student.
What helps me? First, receiving the textbook and handouts before class; then the lecture; and finally the one-on-one with the professor.

By doing well in the course, I changed the professor’s attitude from negative to positive.
Maybe it’s not fair, but I learned to accept the fact that I have to work harder than my hearing peers.


Teaching tips
C-Print in the classroom


The teacher conveys his/her attitude towards deaf/hard-of-hearing students on the first day of class.
The textbook usually doesn’t make sense until after the lecture.
Teacher attitude! If it’s great, WOW; if it’s lousy students can’t learn.
Teachers new to deaf/hard-of-hearing students can be nervous; but give us time and we’ll earn your respect.
Deaf/hard-of-hearing students have learned persistence will pay off later in life.


Teacher refuses to listen to deaf speech.


Providing lecture notes and PowerPoint slides before class helps me the most when I’m in class.
It’s REALLY appreciated when teachers extend themselves.


A grad assistant or teacher’s aide will save your life.
How should teachers share notes?


Teaching with technology
Teaching with technology
Teaching tips


Teaching with technology
Working one-on-one with students


Teaching tips
Working one-on-one with faculty